What We Do

At Inclusive Fitness, we help create healthy lifestyles for neurodiverse people, their families, and communities.  We do this by lowering barriers – with highly trained and experienced coaches, adaptive programming and a beautiful, accessible and sensory friendly place – so that we can raise the bar on what our athletes can accomplish.

We offer one on one and small group sessions both virtually and in-person, at our center conveniently located in the Metro-Boston area. Our programs are designed to make all of our athletes strong for a purpose: to build functional fitness and lifelong habits.

How We Do It

We collaborate with you to create individualized fitness and wellness programs – whether for individual athletes, families, or groups. Our model is based on customized programs and can be delivered in-person and/or virtually.

At Inclusive Fitness, we focus on ages 12 and up, with the occasional younger child, pending an initial assessment. The work we do here is aimed at developing strength, stability and stamina through consistent quality exercise. The general research consensus is that exercise like what we do here is best for people 12 and older, while play, therapy and general recreation are more effective for younger people. There is no top age limit for our athletes.

Learn how Inclusive Fitness can help:

  • Athletes & Parents / Families / Caregivers
  • Residential / Day Programs / Schools
  • Social Services Agencies

Our Approach

We presume competence by believing that every athlete can exercise and be healthy. We meet each athlete where they are today and work together to achieve more each day. We respect each athlete’s individualism and believe in their ability to learn, become stronger and to take ownership over their health and fitness.

Whether you’re a neurodiverse person, a family member or you manage programs for the neurodiverse community, our goal is to help you create healthy lifestyles and instill in everyone the knowledge that they can do anything.


Our Community

We involve neurodiverse athletes, parents and caregivers, advocates and advisory groups in developing and shaping our programs.

We partner with non-profit organizations, community groups, and adaptive sports and athletic organizations who share our passion for fitness, exercise and healthy lifestyles.

We also collaborate and consult with doctors, therapists and researchers who support an inclusive approach to fitness. 

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