Inclusive Fitness and I were featured in an article which was sent as a post to a large community of people involved with Bike To The Beach, a nonprofit that raises money for the autism community through charitable bike rides. You can link to the article here, written by By Jovia Scrogin.


A supportive community is not just important for the athletes. Parents and caregivers should also establish and maintain relationships with others. We are all trying to navigate our new responsibilities, and having peers in similar situations always helps. Greg Austin–a fitness coach for neurodiverse people and their families and father of a 14-year old boy on the autism spectrum–says that sometimes he needs the ear of another parent so that he can vent and socialize before getting in some squats and heavy-carries with his son. He wants parents to know that “this is hard, but doable. And you’re not alone. If we learn and work together, fitness for everyone can be incredibly rewarding.”