Getting Started

“It’s just amazing. It’s a family activity that we all do together…it’s bonded us.”

– Beth, IF Athlete and Parent

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

The first step is to learn more about our athletes. Together we can choose the right program and level of support needed in order for them to succeed.

Our goal is to pair athletes with the right coach, in the right ratios, with the appropriate support, and the right cohorts for group classes. We work with you to determine the best match and session format, and make sure our coaches have the support they need so that they can provide the best training, individual attention, and build strong relationships.

STEP 1 – Intake Forms

We ask that all athletes and/or caregivers complete forms telling us a little about what makes them awesome so that we can start thinking about how to help them soar.

STEP 2 – Interview

After reviewing the intake forms, one of our team members will schedule some time to chat with our interested athlete and/or caregiver to learn more about their specific goals. Hearing about their prior experience with fitness and sports programs, as well as learning more about their likes, dislikes, and preferences will help us in building a program that is tailored to their needs.

STEP 3 – Assessment

Now that we’ve learned a little more about the athlete, it’s time to meet and move. Our assessments can be done in-person or virtually.  Using the Physical Strength, Adaptive Needs, and Cognitive Orientation (PAC) Profile, we will work through different exercises to figure out which program and level of support would be best for the athlete to start off with.


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