With the Covid 19 pandemic foremost in our minds and actions, we’re all taking steps to protect our families and ourselves do we “flatten the curve.” Now more than ever, though, we need ways to manage the ongoing stress and cope with being home-bound.

Even while we’re cooped up in our homes most of the day now, there are exercises neurodiverse and neurotypical alike can do, with no equipment or things most people have around the house.

I recorded a video showcasing 11 great exercises you can do every day to improve strength, endurance, balance and motor planning… not to mention just to get the Ya-Ya’s out of our systems!


The exercises are:

  1. Overhead Band Walk
  2. Standing Band Row
  3. Cone Touches
  4. Hurdle Steps
  5. Bear Walk
  6. Squat
  7. Push Throw
  8. Overhead Throw
  9. Farmer’s Carry
  10. Sandbell Slams
  11. Heavy Carry

The exercise programs we use are based on the outstanding work of Eric Chessen, Founder of Autism Fitness.

Eric is an advisor and friend to Inclusive Fitness. He has been at the forefront of changing the way people think about exercise for the neurodiverse and has certified hundreds of adaptive coaches around the world.

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