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Helping create healthy lifestyles for neurodiverse people, their families, and communities


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Neurodiverse people and their families have limited opportunities or resources to create healthy lifestyles.

Despite increasing awareness and inclusion efforts, most health clubs, fitness centers, and programs are either not interested in or properly equipped to support the neurodiverse community.


Inclusive Fitness is the first fitness program and center dedicated to helping neurodiverse people, their families, and other caregivers create healthy lifestyles.

We offer one-on-one and small-group training (both in-person and virtually) for neurodiverse and neurotypical athletes to create sustainable, long-term healthy habits that lead to a better quality of life.

Our Approach

We presume competence by believing that every athlete can exercise and be healthy. We meet each athlete where they are today and work together to achieve more each day.

We respect each athlete’s individualism and believe in their ability to learn, become stronger, and to take ownership over their health and fitness.

Whether you’re a neurodivergent person, a family member, or you manage programs for the neurodiverse community, our goal is to help you create healthy lifestyles and instill in everyone the knowledge that they can do anything.

Our Community

We involve neurodiverse athletes, parents and caregivers, advocates, and advisory groups in developing and shaping our programs.

We partner with non-profit organizations, community groups, and adaptive sports and athletic organizations who share our passion for fitness, exercise and healthy lifestyles.

We also collaborate and consult with doctors, therapists, and researchers who support an inclusive approach to fitness.

How It Works

Step 1 - Intake Forms

We ask that all athletes and/or caregivers complete forms telling us a little about what makes them awesome so that we can start thinking about how to help them soar.

Step 2 - Interview

After reviewing the intake forms, one of our team members will schedule some time to chat with our interested athlete and/or caregiver to learn more about their specific goals.

Step 3 - Assessment

Using the Physical Strength, Adaptive Needs, and Cognitive Orientation (PAC) Profile, we will work through different exercises to figure out which program and level of support would be best for the athlete.


“Thank you for sharing your vision with us. Thank you for creating this and making a difference in other people’s lives because thats huge.”

– Cheryl Caira

“It’s a place you can come work out with your family, with people that you know and love and trust and I think that is what allows us to reach our full potential.”

– The Kramer Family

“They’ve done a wonderful job creating an environment that feels clean, feels open, yet is also set up specifically to be more comfortable and easy to use.”

– Linda Simansky


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