We help build healthy lifestyles for neurodiverse people,

families and communities

The Problem

Physical fitness is important for all of us. Neurodiverse people and their families very often don’t have the opportunities or resources to build healthy lifestyles. Despite increasing awareness and inclusion efforts, most health clubs, fitness centers and programs are either not interested in or properly equipped to support the neurodiverse community.

Our Solution

Inclusive Fitness is the first fitness program and center dedicated to helping neurodiverse people, their families and other caregivers create healthy lifestyles. We offer one-on-one and small-group training (both in-person and virtually)  for neurodiverse and neurotypical athletes to create sustainable, long-term healthy lifestyles.

WHAT IF We Lowered The Barriers And Raised The Bar?

It is critical to approach creating healthy lifestyles holistically. Research has shown the greatest therapeutic impact is achieved when a person is embedded in a context of positive role models in every situation and on the most personal levels. They receive consistent examples and reinforcement to develop effective ways of thinking and behaving. That’s why our focus is on neurodiverse people as well as all the other people in their sphere.

We are truly Inclusive

We are focused on lifelong health

We integrate core elements of fitness

We are collaborative

We are a like-minded community


Adaptive Exercise

We design fitness programs tailored to the needs and preferences of each athlete, including one-on-one and group classes with varying support levels. Our team of trainers, in addition to holding accredited Personal and Group training certifications, are all Autism Fitness Certified Professionals with experience working with both neurodiverse and neurotypical populations.


Typical Exercise

Parents, siblings and other caregivers have access to exercise programs and trainers that they can use while their neurodiverse loved ones either workout with them or are engaged in other classes or programs. We provide a range of programming, including one-on-on and small group training sessions.



IF Athletes can participate in one-on-one sessions with a lead coach if they need or want a high level of support. They can also join in group exercise sessions with one lead coach or in sessions with a lead coach and an assistant coach, again depending on the level of support they need or want. We work with each athlete to asses their goals and needs and identify the best approach.



We provide our exercise sessions in ways designed to work with your preferences and schedules. In-person sessions are run from our dedicated West Roxbury, MA, center. We also run virtual sessions over Zoom. And, of course, IF Athletes can choose a hybrid of in-person and virtual sessions as well. Our goal is to make exercise consistent, easy and fun!

Expected Outcomes

If you consistently participate in classes and do prescribed activities on your own, neurodiverse and neurotypical clients should expect to see improvements in important areas, including a better understanding of fitness and movement principles, competence in doing the activities, adherence to a steady exercise routine, increased endurance and strength, improved dietary perceptions and habits and other physical and psychological benefits. Research on both neurodiverse and neurotypical people has shown positive benefits in these areas:

  • Muscle tone, strength, & body composition 
  • Motor coordination
  • Stamina & endurance 
  • Lethargy 
  • Anxiety 
  • Hyperactivity 
  • Attention & cognition 
  • Stemming & perseveration 
  • Social engagement 

Meet Jordan

Jordan is an amazing 24 year old who attends a day program three days a week, and… oh, yes, she happens to have been born with Down Syndrome.

Good exercise has always been on our radar as a family. As a family we strive to keep moving and eat healthy. We also realize that this is sometimes easier said than done. Jordan has found that she really loves exercise classes.

The key is maintaining Jordan’s independence. She loves to be independent in working out, but she really needs support to guide her and keep her good form to prevent injury. 

When she met with Greg for an assessment, we were amazed at all she was able to accomplish with his direction. She tried and succeeded with every exercise that was tested, and not only once but twice. 

Fast forward to today, and you’ll see Jordan working out several times a week, pushing herself and getting stronger, and loving every minute of it. 

Join our Inclusive Fitness Community

Our community is grounded in local connections, but our collective impact is broad.

Neurodiverse Athletes, Advocates & Advisory Groups

We seek to involve neurodiverse athletes in developing and shaping our programs.

Non-profit Organizations & Sports Groups

We actively partner with other non-profit groups, community groups, adaptive sports and athletic organizations who share our passion for fitness, exercise and healthy lifestyles.

Medical Professionals

We partner and consult with Doctors, Therapists, Hospitals and research groups who also support an inclusive approach to fitness and want to share ideas and learn from each other.

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