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Inclusive Fitness adaptive exercise programs are based on the ground-breaking work of Eric Chessen, Founder of Autism Fitness. Eric is also IF’s director of adaptive programming and is integral to designing our overall approach.

Using Autism Fitness’ PAC profile – which stands for Physical / Adaptive / Cognitive – to assess each Athlete, Inclusive Fitness works to understand their unique strengths, what motivates them, how they learn, and how we can best support them to create the best conditions for success and long-term progress.

We emphasize functional exercises that use bodyweight, medicine balls, hurdles, straps and bands. Depending on how an athlete progresses and what her or his goals are, we may use advanced exercises and equipment to help them meet their personal goals and achieve their best. The key is to meet the athlete where they are.


Our Goal Is To…

  • Learn about you

  • Choose the right support

  • Select the best format

  • Design a tailored program

  • Assess and refine

Because We Want To…

Start from an honest place – a jumping off point of understanding, empathy, trust and humbleness.

Create a tailored program for each IF Athlete – one that presumes competence, builds on strengths and maximizes opportunities for success.


Athletes and/or caregivers complete our screen and intake form to paint a picture of what makes the Athlete awesome and help us think about how we can help them soar. 


After reviewing the intake forms, one of our IF Team Members speaks with the Athlete and/or caregiver to learn more about their personality, likes, dislikes and what they want to accomplish together.


Now that we’ve gotten to know the Athlete, it’s time to meet and see how awesome they are! We do an in-person or virtual assessment using the PAC profile, working through different exercises and getting a feel for the possibilities ahead.

We use all these inputs to design a program that we think is best for each IF Athlete and refine it together, so it works for you!


Our Goal Is To…

  • Align IF athletes with IF coaches 

  • Get the coaching ratios right

  • Build good cohorts

  • Decide the best cadence 

Because We Want To…

Ensure each IF Athlete has the coaching support they need – whether one-on-one, group with extra support, group with less support or some blend of these.

Make sure our Coaches have the support they need – so they can provide the best training, a good level of individual attention, and built strong relationships.


1 Coach to 1 Athlete. Usually 20 to 45 minutes long. For IF Athletes who want or need highly tailored programming and a high coach/athlete ratio.


1 Lead Coach and 1 Assistant Coach to usually 3 to 4 Athletes. Usually 30 to 45 minutes long. For IF Athletes who want, need or can work well in a group with a moderately high coach/athlete ratio.


1 Coach to usually 4 or more Athletes. Usually 30 to 45 minutes. For IF Athletes who want, need or can work well in a group with a lower coach/athlete ratio.

Two 1:1 Sessions Are Required Before Starting Any Group Sessions 

Programs Include...

Parent / caregiver training workshops… to help reinforce at home what we do

Progress tracking… to celebrate and refine our programs

On-demand programs… to make exercising convenient and consistent

Premium content… to keep up the learning

IF community events… to build the IF family and support each other


Our Goal Is To…

  • Design an approach that works with your lifestyle 
  • Reinforce program consistency 

  • Reach more people, no matter where they are 

  • Offer options that maximize your saefty 

Because We Want To…

Help make Inclusive Fitness a regular part of every IF Athlete’s life, whether we meet in-person or online, or both, whether one-on-one or in group sessions.

Make joining in IF programs easy, in terms of scheduling, preference and convenience.

Ensure exercising can be and is safe for all IF Athletes.

In-Person (At Inclusive Fitness)

For IF Athletes who want, need or prefer – and can – join us at our center to train together.

Virtual (Via Zoom)

For IF Athletes who want, need or prefer an online experience or cannot join us in-person.


Hybrid (Blend Of Both)

For IF Athletes who want, need or prefer a mix of in-person and online training.

A program may include a blend of one-on-one and group sessions delivered in-person, online or both. And a program may change over time to meet needs and progress

Sessions generally run between 30 and 45 minutes based on the athletes needs and profile


Pricing is based on the needs and goals of each athlete and family. We use the intake process to work with you to decide the best approach to put together the right package. 

Contact us to learn more! 

Discounts & Special Offers

Founding Members who sign up before December 31, 2020 receive:

1 free sessions per 8-Pack

2 free sessions per 16 pack

Group discounts available.


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