Our Story

As amateur athletes, Greg and Kristina Austin always knew how exercise and living an active lifestyle contributed to making them better people, partners, and parents to their son Lucas, who is autistic. They saw first-hand how exercise helped Lucas become more focused, relaxed, confident, active and able to do physical things with more ease. 

Greg and Kristina soon discovered that the limited sports offerings out there for neurodiverse people did not fit the type of sports programs they sought out for Lucas. The few sports programs for neurodiverse people that the Austins found were usually seasonal and lacked the focus on building functional fitness and a long-term healthy lifestyle that their whole family needed. 

They also found that many gyms and fitness centers were not designed with neurodiverse people in mind. Most typical gyms lack the right sensory design elements, adaptive programming and coaches who are specifically trained to support neurodiverse people in creating a consistent and sustained focus on fitness. One consequence of this is that it can make it hard for other family members and caregivers to work on their own physical fitness.

So, Greg decided to step away from his 20-year executive marketing career to create something completely new: a company dedicated to helping neurodiverse people and their families and caregivers create the healthy lifestyles they want and deserve. Inclusive Fitness is not an adaptive gym. It is the unique combination of the right people, the best programming, and the perfect place (physical and virtual) where neurodiverse and neurotypical people alike can come to create a healthy lifestyle together.

Our Core Values

We believe in providing all people with the opportunity to be healthy and fit. To do this, we:

  • Presume competence
  • Involve many voices
  • Support athletes and their families
  • Focus on results that last
  • Cultivate an inclusive and diverse community
  • Create growth opportunities for all
  • Design and grow sustainability

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