Expected Outcomes

“The workouts have actually strengthened me and allowed me to do things better.”

– Teagan, IF Athlete

Consult and Collaborate

We can accomplish so much when we work together, and it’s important to us that we include our athletes and their families in the training process. We work to provide resources and information to athletes and their families in order to build independent, capable athletes who are strong for a purpose.

What you can expect from us:

  • A review and celebration of achievements at the end of each session.
  • Virtual and in-person training for parents, program managers, and other caregivers so that reinforcement can take place outside the center.
  • To share notes and ideas on how to refine and progress each athlete’s program.
  • To consult with medical providers, therapists, and program managers when requested, in accordance with HIPAA and privacy policies.

Expected Outcomes

Regular fitness and exercise have been shown to:

  • Increase muscle tone, strength, and body composition
  • Increase motor coordination
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Reduce lethargy, anxiety, and hyperactivity
  • Increase confidence 

In addition to these benefits, we have observed that many Inclusive Fitness athletes have become increasingly independent.


Athlete Progress

This amazing Inclusive Fitness athlete is autistic and has accompanying ADHD and other diagnoses, including issues with motor planning and kinesthetic awareness.

When he first started working out at IF just over a year ago, sessions typically lasted about 20 minutes and we used our Private Space to reduce sensory overload and work within a more manageable space. Sessions were 75% avoidance and perseveration and 25% learning and performing functional exercises.

Today, this athlete is now on the Main Floor of the center 100% of the time, sessions are full length, and he is focused and performing exercises at least 90% of the time… usually more. He has learned to do a wide range of exercises and is constantly improving his movement patterns and range of motion. The resistance we use and the sets and repetitions we do consistently increase, reflecting his growing strength, stamina and stability. Importantly, this athlete has learned to use our visual system to keep track of his progress and knows what exercises are next. He also helps put away the equipment at the end of each session to prepare the center for the next athlete.

Additionally, he comes to the center once a week with his OT to develop his repertoire of job skills. We’re so proud of him and all of our amazing IF athletes: They bring seemingly unlimited energy, tenacity and capability to every session!




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