Flexible Program Packages

Packages are sold in 4, 8 and 16 sessions, with discounts on larger packages. In-person and virtual sessions are priced the same.

We always aim to be flexible.  We will work with you to find the best format, frequency, duration, and schedule that works for everyone.

Pricing is based on the program type and format, which we will work together to determine after the initial intake process.We prefer to speak with athletes and families about how we work and what we can do to help them achieve their goals before discussing costs. Our pricing reflects the quality of our people, programming, and place. At the same time, we are committed to being competitive and accessible and bringing healthy lifestyles to as many people as possible while continuing to grow as a company and ultimately becoming an employer-of-choice for neurodiverse people.

We offer group discounts and are always excited to discuss opportunities to work with day and residential programs, special education schools, recreation departments, and other organizations serving our amazing community.

We offer discounts on initial package purchases from athletes and families referred to us by developmental pediatricians, neurologists, therapists, and other practitioners.

Additionally, we are beginning to see success with some social service agencies agreeing to fund or partially fund our services.

We are working on partnerships with organizations to set up scholarships to provide financial assistance for individuals and families who can benefit from such support. We also work with families to coordinate financial support through DDS where possible.

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