Our Place

“They’ve done a wonderful job creating an environment that is beautiful, clean, and open. It makes us feel comfortable.”  

– Linda, Parent of IF Athletes

A Space That’s Tailor-Made

When designing the Inclusive Fitness center, our goal was to minimize environmental and sensory stimuli and provide the optimal environment for all of our athletes. We lowered the barrier by creating a space that each athlete will walk into with a sense of calm and belonging. This helps us have more time to build trust, have fun, and raise the bar for what each of our athletes can and will accomplish here over time.

Inclusive Fitness is also a simply beautiful space, where everyone can enjoy an almost spa-like experience.

Space Use and Design

  • Open floor plan and minimal equipment to reduce distractions and allow for flexible use.

  • Thoughtful visual barriers to reduce distractions.

  • Individual, accessible, and ADA-compliant changing rooms for people who need or prefer assistance.

  • Chill-Out Room for athletes needing some time to reset or simply as a quiet place before, during, or after a session.

  • Small Training Room that can be used when more privacy and/or fewer distractions is needed or preferred.

  • Business & Family Center with access to free wi-fi.

Sensory Design Elements

  • LED dimmable lighting that provides the ability to adjust the brightness in each zone for individuals with light sensitivity.
  • Minimal sound in a building that is extremely quiet. Music or white noise can be played upon request.
  • Window films that allow light to be let in while reducing visual distractions from the outside.
  • Neutral tones and colors that evoke a peaceful and calm feeling.
  • Bold yet non-distracting signage and  wall art that promote positive self-perception.
  • Easy, safe to use, and quiet exercise equipment that is spaced out so as not to be overwhelming.

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