Raising the Bar Podcast

Inclusive Fitness Podcast

Neurodivergent Fitness – Redefining the Status Quo

When most people think about adaptive exercise for neurodivergent people, they have a narrow concept of what is possible, desirable and necessary. In terms of what’s possible, We’ve often heard things like, “Oh, she won’t do that kind of exercise,” “I don’t think he...

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Raising the Bar Podcast – Is it worth it?

Greg Austin and Eric Chessen address the question, "Is It Worth It?" as they unpack important research on the challenges of engaging in physical activity for neurodivergent people and families, discuss the troubling statistics on the lack of physical activity among...

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Raising the Bar Podcast – Presuming Competence

Greg Austin, Founder of Inclusive Fitness, and Eric Chessen, IF's Director of Adaptive Programming & Innovation - and Founder of Autism Fitness - discuss how adaptive strength and conditioning programming for neurodivergent people hinges on presuming competence with...

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