“I’ve seen huge progress with James over time virtually and especially in-person.”

– Eileen, Parent of IF Athlete

Exercise Programming

Our programs are based on the ground-breaking work of Eric Chessen – founder of Autism Fitness and our Director of Adaptive Programming. Our approach follows the PAC Profile, which stands for an athlete’s Physical Strengths, Adaptive Needs, and Cognitive Orientation. We use this approach to design exercise programs tailored to the needs, goals, and preferences of our athletes while also collaborating with them to ensure they have a voice and choice on how and when they progress.

Although there is no such thing as specific neurodiverse exercises, there are exercises that generalize to life skills and can be easily progressed and regressed to make them teachable and successful for anyone. We emphasize functional fitness by teaching proper movement patterns that will develop motor planning, kinesthetic awareness, and increase overall strength and endurance.

By mastering fundamental exercise skills using a variety of equipment (bodyweight, medicine balls, hurdles, bands, and more) our athletes learn to embody the exercises and show us how capable they really are. And because we include them in the process from the start, they learn to trust us and most importantly themselves!

We believe that this is the best way to create long-term healthy lifestyles.


Developing Ownership

Equally as important as learning proper exercises is developing ownership over one’s own exercise program and fitness. Our first core value is Presume Competence. We believe that people learn to love what they master. By presuming that every athlete has the competence and the ability to understand and value being physically fit, we instill in them mastery over this important part of their lives. In turn they develop a lifelong love for how it makes them feel and the skills necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

We build a sense of ownership by providing Options, Choice and Control. Every athlete begins each program knowing what exercises they can do and we work together to choose the specific ones we will do. Then, we decide what order we will do them in and how many sets we will do of each exercise. We want our athletes to make as many choices as they’re able and want to… this is their exercise program, after all!

An amazing outcome is that many athletes, when given Options, Choice, and Control push themselves harder than even our coaches would. We’ll say, “How many overhead presses do you want to do, 8, 9 or 10?” Oftentimes, an athlete will say “11!”

Now, that’s ownership.


Program Options

We design fitness programs tailored to the needs and preferences of each athlete whether it be in a one-on-one or a small-group setting. Our goal is to create a custom program for each athlete that builds on their strengths and maximizes opportunities for them to succeed. Sessions may range from 20-45 minutes, depending on the needs of our athletes.

Parents, siblings, and other caregivers also have access to 1:1 coaching programs and small group training sessions (as a family or group pod), as well as access to all of the equipment within the center.

  • 1:1 Training: One coach to one athlete.
  • Semi-Private Training: Two coaches to three to four athletes.
  • Small Group Training: One coach to four or more athletes.


Format Options

In order to provide programs that are accessible, convenient, and consistently supportive, we have both in-person and virtual training options available for athletes and families interested in any of our program options.


  • In-Person Sessions: All in-person sessions are held at Inclusive Fitness conveniently located in West Roxbury, a neighborhood in the city of Boston.
  • Virtual Sessions: For our athletes and families who need or prefer a contactless training experience, we offer virtual sessions that allow us the flexibility to work with our athletes and their peers online in the convenience of their homes.
  • Hybrid Sessions: The perfect blend of both in-person and virtual training. The hybrid option is a great way to build an in-person rapport while also giving families a choice as to how and when their sessions take place.

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