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Why is working out consistently good for long-term development?  


How do you teach people with complex profiles exercise?

Why is strength training so important for neurodiverse athletes?

How do you instill ownership, self-direction, and independence at Inclusive Fitness?

How does the environment impact the coaching and learning experience?

What is the IF training effect, and why is it so important?

Can you talk about the role of parents and caregivers in modeling healthy habits for our athletes? 

What are the pros and cons of variety when training?

Why is high-quality consistent exercise especially important for neurodivergent people? 

What are the differences between cardio and strength training?

What results do you typically see over time?

Why is self care so crucial for caregivers? 

What do we mean by training empathetically?

What makes IF coaches different from coaches at other facilities?

What is the typical and recommended frequency of exercise sessions?

What role do parents and other caregivers play in creating consistency in long-term program adherence?

What do we mean by presuming competence and why is it so important here at Inclusive Fitness? 

What does success look like here at Inclusive Fitness? 

Can neurodivergent people with complex profiles do this type of exercise?